Our Education Provision


Trust is the core of our education provision at Wetheringsett Manor, we have a focus on building strong relationships between individual students, teachers and the wider school community. We provide small classes which help these relationships establish and develop, with a ratio of just eight students with one teacher and teaching assistant with whom they spend most of the day.

We pride ourselves on our excellent team and every member has been chosen for their nature, skills and level of professionalism they bring to Wetheringsett Manor.  Our expectations for students are high, and our team have experience of managing students’ behaviour to bring positive outcomes.  This is supported through our weekly reward system which reinforces the importance of good behaviour, opening access to a range of reward activities.

We see all influencers of the child’s life as a team, parents, carers, with our students at the heart of what we do and any decisions we make. Frequent communications help us establish consistency between home and school, ensuring that students are comfortable and happy as they transition between the two.