Learning Environment

Our curriculum

We understand that every student is different, and we adapt education to meet each child’s needs. Regardless of the child’s level of ability, their programme of learning is designed to engage them in their love of learning.

At the core of our curriculum are the skills of literacy and numeracy. We also make sure that the education delivered is relevant to the child’s experience of the real world so that they can apply what they learn in the everyday world. The school also provides social, moral, spiritual and cultural guidance for their development too.

To help students expand their horizons and dreams, we use creativity to help them understand the world outside of the school grounds.  Activities such as educational visits and outdoor learning, then within our school we invite guest educators to inspire children and we look at personal development and what’s required to live as a citizen in modern Britain.

We recognise that there are many ways to learn and develop personal skills, so we enable students to engage in a variety of activities and projects. Visiting educators are often welcomed into the school to further inspire the children, and we make sure there is plenty of time and space for individual therapy sessions and personal mentoring.




Following our refurbishment, we are fortunate to be able to offer spacious classrooms which are equipped with the latest EdTech, including laptops and interactive whiteboards.  We also have the facilities to provide group or one-to-one sessions, as well as calming sage sensory areas.


Support, inspire and challenge

Our team are here to inspire, support and challenge every student, nurturing them every step of the way through their education. Our individual learning approach means that every student gets the learning programme carefully designed to work for their needs and the child’s emotional wellbeing.