The support we provide

The beauty of working with our many other schools is that we are able to offer students a wide range of therapy programmes to help those who are in need of support.  Whether it be emotional and mental health first-aid or through to ongoing welfare programmes as required, the access to our extended team of highly skilled teaching and support staff includes educational psychologists and trained therapists.  This means we can give each student the specific support they need.

Our team includes speech and language therapists who are available to work with our students to develop their communication and social skills.  We are also lucky to have trained counsellors who can help students work through issues in their lives. Every student will also benefit from having a dedicated key worker who will work with them to mentor, inspire, advise and guide them throughout their time with us.  They will also be the communication link between the school and home.

Our school makes sure that activities, therapy and counselling are easily accessible in the right surroundings to every student.